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    • 山東恒冠管業有限公司






      山東恒冠管業有限公司是一家鋼絲網骨架復合管的生產廠家。從事復合管的研發、生產、銷售、技術支持及安裝服務為一體的現代化企業。主要產品有鋼絲網骨架塑料復合管、鋼骨架塑料復合管、孔網鋼帶復合管; PE管及配套電熱熔管件;復合管材其以防腐蝕性能強、耐磨、耐壓、抗蠕變、穩定性好、重量輕安裝方便等特點逐步取代各類金屬塑料管道,廣泛應用于市政自來水、化工醫藥、電力、供熱、礦山等行業的各類管道和設備上,充分滿足全國供水行業、工礦企業、廠區建設的需求。尤其在化工、醫藥、電廠、焦化廠等領域工藝管線的建設及改造優點特別突出。

           主營產品:鋼絲網骨架塑料復合管,鋼絲網塑料復合管,鋼絲網骨架塑料管,聚乙烯鋼絲網骨架管,鋼絲網復合管,鋼絲網骨架pe復合管,鋼絲網骨架復合管,鋼絲骨架聚乙烯復合管,PE塑料管,鋼絲骨架給水管,鋼絲骨架復合管價格,鋼絲骨架膠管,鋼絲網骨架塑料給水管,PE過路頂管,PE農田灌溉管,PE電力穿線管,PE農灌,穿線管,PE燃氣管,虹吸排水管,PE飲用水管,PE礦用供排水管, PE波紋管。



        Shandong Hengguan Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of steel wire mesh skeleton composite pipes. Itis a modern enterprise engaged in R&D, production, sales, technical support and installation services ofcomposite pipes. The main products are steel mesh framework plastic composite pipe, steel framework plasticcomposite pipe, hole mesh steel belt composite pipe; PE pipe and matching electrothermal fusion pipe fittings;composite pipe with strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance, compression resistance, creep resistance, goodstability, light weight and easy installation, gradually replacing all kinds of metal plastic pipes, widely used inmunicipal water, chemical medicine, electricity, heating. All kinds of pipelines and equipment in mining and otherindustries fully meet the needs of water supply industry, industrial and mining enterprises and plant constructionthroughout the country. Especially in chemical industry, medicine, power plant, coking plant and other fields, theadvantages of process pipeline construction and transformation are particularly prominent.
        The company is located in Lubo Industrial Park, Sitou Town, Linqu County, Weifang City, Shandong Province.With the advantages of products and perfect engineering service system, it uses sales network all over the country.The aim of the company is to build up a trustworthy brand and to provide more environmentally friendly andenergy-saving products to serve the society.
        All employees of the company will have better products and services, and cooperate with domestic and foreignbusinessmen hand in hand to create brilliant!